MORE THOUGHTS ON THE REPORTED hate crimes at Princeton. I’ll just note that they told me if George W. Bush were reelected, unpopular groups would be subject to beatings and intimidation. And they were right!

And as a commenter notes, this would get more attention if it had involved a noose on a doorknob even though in this case, according to the reports, we have an actual physical assault and beating.

UPDATE: Princeton resident Fausta Wertz notes that there’s been no coverage in the town paper.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Further thoughts from Prof. Tom Smith.

MORE: Some of Fausta’s commenters think this is a hoax. That’s always possible with “hate crime” reports, of course (see the Redstate item linked at the top of this post), but this one did involve a concussion, which probably wasn’t fake. At any rate, media skepticism about possible hoaxes — as another commenter notes — seems absent whenever there’s a noose involved.

STILL MORE: But Fausta’s commenters turn out to be right. Jeez. I think hate-crime hoaxes should be punished severely; they cause as much fear and hate as the real thing, oftentimes.