November 13, 2007

COOKWARE UPDATE: So after my pressure-cooker post I decided to give it a try myself, and ordered this 6 quart pressure cooker from Presto (cheap!) bundled with this cookbook. So far, so good. I’ve made some of the standards (Chicken Cacciatore, anyone?) to good reviews from the Insta-Wife and Insta-Daughter. But what I like it for most is making fast sides — I made new potatoes in a trice last night. It’s not as fast as they claim — “cook time” may be 5-6 minutes, but you have to let it cool for another 10 or 15 — but it’s still a lot faster than the old way. I don’t think it will be my main cooking tool, but it’s handy and it was worth the money. The cookbook is good, too, and has handy cooktime tables in the back.

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