October 29, 2007

THE LOWEST LEVEL OF HURRICANE ACTIVITY IN THIRTY YEARS. But I thought that global warming was going to produce an ever-growing number of hurricanes like Katrina . . . .

Now, however, it’s going to produce an ever-growing number of wildfires like in California. So we should be safe from those for a few years . . . .

UPDATE: The real cause of the wildfires. Unsurprisingly, it’s Bush’s fault!

ANOTHER UPDATE: At TigerHawk, thoughts on climate change tradeoffs. “The point, of course, is not that global warming is a myth. I myself attend the church of anthropogenic climate change, if only on red-letter Sundays. Rather, it is that the proclivity of the activists and journalists who are pushing this story to inflate the threat beyond all credibility is actually damaging the case for an effective response.”

MORE: Clark Stooksbury has got this right: “The irony is that most of the Southeast could use a hurricane. Whatever damage one might do on the coast, if a tropical depression were to dump heavy rains over Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, it would be a blessing.” Yeah, I’ve been watching the computer models for Noel and wishing that the tracks would shift westward.

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