ED MORRISSEY: “I find it hilariously ironic that Foer refuses to defend himself and TNR in his own magazine, but instead goes whining to Howard Kurtz — at the newspaper that he demanded Beauchamp refuse to engage. I wonder why Kurtz didn’t ask him about that, and ask Foer why he was talking to the Post when he didn’t want Beauchamp to do so.”

UPDATE: John Tabin notes something interesting in the Kurtz interview: “Wait — back up there. Foer had another conversation with Beauchamp? Is there a recording? Are there notes? What exactly was said? What parts of the story did Beauchamp defend? Did he answer specific questions about the articles? Why hasn’t TNR felt the need to tell their readers of this conversation? And why did Kurtz stick this bit of news at the end of paragraph seven, without any further explanation?”

Maybe Kurtz missed the significance. I did, until Tabin and several readers pointed it out.