NARRATIVE OVER FACTS: Journalists explain why good news from Iraq shouldn’t be reported. Jeez.

UPDATE: Reader Dick Thompson emails:

What bothers me about both Robin Wright and Barbara Starr is that once they have made these totally illogical statements, they do not see that they are illogical and try to clean up the mess or at least come up with better reasons. Why they still have jobs after f*cking up that badly is beyond me. That is even worse than the idiocy that Mike Wallace and Peter Jennings came up with on Fred Friendly’s show.

It really makes me wonder what is being taught in J-school these days. I occasionally take a look at the Romenesko website at the Poynter School of Journalism just to see what they are doing there. I notice they are pushing a big course on journalistic ethics. It might be interesting to see just what they consider journalistic ethics and what they are teaching. I would hope they have gone beyond Mike Wallace’s statement at least. I really don’t see how these war reporters can write what they write and then expect that the soldiers and Marines will save them if they get into trouble and guard them while they are wandering around. Do they not connect what they write with what they see around them?

I don’t think so. Luckily, the soldiers and Marines understand the concept of duty.

Others are still stuck in those Freudian-Orwellian nightmare issues.