CAMCORDER UPDATE: In response to my earlier request for sites with good camcorder reviews, lots of readers recommended It looks good. For higher-end stuff, people seem to like I’ve poked around both sites a bit and they look pretty useful.

I found this review of a Panasonic HD / flash camera I’ve been looking at (it’s attractively priced) quite helpful. My big barrier has been the limited editing support for AVCHD, but now, “Suddenly, AVCHD doesn’t look so foreboding anymore. Support for viewing and editing is sprouting up on a monthly basis.” Sounds like we’re getting close, anyway. Related earlier post here.

And reader Rich Reilly sends a link to a site focusing on Sony HD. Of course, the convergence between HD and digital still photography would move faster if it weren’t for the EU’s tax policies, which are likely to discourage manufacturers from making equipment with those capabilities, since it will be dutied at a higher rate in Europe.

UPDATE: James Lileks emails:

That Panasonic camcorder you mentioned was the one I ordered from Amazon, a very long time ago. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks – only to learn today that the vendor is out of stock, and the order was cancelled.

Stop mentioning things I want! It’s hard to concentrate.

Er, sorry. But I like mentioning the things that I want. And, natch, other sensible people will often want them too.