MORE ON THE SHOCKING lack of homosexuals in the Arab world: “It may come as a surprise to Columbia faculty and students to learn that a current professor at Columbia has argued that there are no homosexuals in the entire Arab world, except for a few who have been brainwashed into believing they have a homosexual identity by an aggressive Western homosexual missionizing movement he calls ‘Gay International.'”

UPDATE: A reader emails with a splendid idea:

Maybe we should embrace Ahmadinejad’s view on gays in the Middle East, with a Darwinian twist.

Why aren’t there gays in the Middle East? Because, when Middle Easterners realize that they’re gay, they do the right thing from Ahmadinejad’s point of view and become suicide bombers, or they join the Revolutionary Guard and walk through mine fields to clear them for the troops behind. So Ahmadinejad is right; gayness is slowly being eliminated from the population. It also explains where suicide bombers come from. Remember those Taleban-in-eyeliner photos? Everything is all falling into place.

Let’s go with it: Maybe a gay rights group could adopt a few suicide bombers, post their martyrdom videos and celebrate their presumed gayness posthumously. I suppose people who want to become suicide bombers for other reasons could object that this will tarnish their sacrifice, but they are either bigots or, more likely, protesting a bit too much, don’t you think?