DID SHUSTER HAVE IT RIGHT? Apparently, but the confusion displayed along the way would undercut any claim that Marsha Blackburn should have known what took MSNBC this long to figure out.

But the real point, as I noted before, is that the question was a cheap shot that Shuster wouldn’t dare ask Hillary, who also voted for the war.

UPDATE: Some related thoughts from Ace on the media’s self-destruction. Trust, once lost, is hard to get back. On the other hand: ‘I think we’ll see an awful lot more of this. It’s simply too easy to break with supposed journalistic traditions of objectivity and become a crusading hero to one quarter of the population.”

It’s going to get kind of tough for the journalistic industry if they’re all trying to feed themselves from an audience made up of one quarter of the population.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader James Ivers emails: “I eagerly await Shuster’s asking a liberal Rep. if they can name the most recent person to go on welfare in their District. Or the person who most recently died due to ‘lack of health insurance.’ Until then, he’s a hit artist and I’ll pay him no attention at all.”

I’d settle for Shuster asking the name of the most recent Medal of Honor winner. As for the “no attention” bit, I suspect that’ll be the attitude of the other three-quarters. Good luck with that business plan, guys.