OOPS: David Shuster’s cheap shot backfires. Will an apology be forthcoming?

UPDATE: An apology: Follow the link for details and video. It’s a pretty grudging apology, though, leaving out the cheap-shot angle. Would Shuster have asked Hillary that question?


MORE: A reader asks why it’s a cheap shot to ask a member of Congress to name the last casualty from his/her district? That would seem to answer itself. But — as noted plainly above — I strongly doubt that Shuster would have asked Hillary that question, even though she voted for the war. It was a trap.

Interestingly, though, it’s a trap that, in its nature, underscores how historically low casualties are in this war. You wouldn’t have heard that question in World War II, not only because the press would have been ashamed to ask it, but because casualties then were such that nobody could possibly keep track. That it can be asked in this war demonstrates not only the cheap-shot tendencies of a hopelessly partisan press, but also the small scale of the actual warfare.