laurabio1.jpgWe talk to Laura Ingraham about her new book, Power to the People, which looks at ways that ordinary people can empower themselves in the culture and in politics. We talk about large families and prejudice against parenting, her campaign against porn (we’re a lot more favorable on the subject than she is, which leads to some . . . discussion) and politics, plus a look at the 2008 elections and the immigration battle.

It’s an interesting discussion, and Ingraham is different from many other social reformers in that she largely stresses individuals using their voices and market power, as opposed to the force of law, to effect changes in culture, politics and media. She also suggests that individuals get involved in reporting on local politics, school boards, and the like, a place where one or two people can make a real difference. It’s an appealingly Army of Davids-like approach.

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