SENATOR KEN SALAZAR PRODUCES the world’s quietest Sister Souljah moment, by denouncing the MoveOn “Betrayus” ad, but in a newspaper with a smaller readership than many political blogs.

UPDATE: Elizabeth Edwards is criticizing MoveOn too but I don’t think it counts as a Sister Souljah moment, even a quiet one, when it’s your wife doing the criticizing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Gary Harmon of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel emails:

Prof. Reynolds: Here I sit, damned with faint praise re Salazar’s Sis Souljah? Did you have to mention the size of the readership? Now I feel like the freshman on the first day in the locker room with the seniors. Again.

Actually, we won’t apologize for the size of our readership. It’s actually growing and not many can say that in this business. What is interesting is that the comments were made in a phone conference involving almost all Colorado media, including the big dailies and AP.

That it made it to our paper might explain why we’re growing and, well, they’re not.

As Webb Wilder says: “You’re never too small to hit the big time!”