VIA EMAIL, the full text of Bush’s speech. Click “read more” to read it.

UPDATE: So I watched the speech. It was okay — an average performance for Bush, not especially good or bad — but I’m not sure it really added much, post-Petraeus. It will, however, probably pull a response from MoveOn, which based on this week’s experience can only help the Bush Administration.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Okay, I watched the Democratic response from Sen. Jack Reed, which seemed calculated to make Bush’s speech seem lively by comparison. Not much there, either. I’m pretty sure political oratory is at a historical low point.

MORE: The Democrats in a box? “The real interesting thing to watch for in the coming months is how the Democrats will act as they are clearly unable to force a withdrawal. What further fissures will we see between the anti-war radicals and the Democrats?”

MORE: Allah has video of John Edwards’ response.