TRYING TO PREVENT FURTHER HSUNANIGANS: “The political and legal demise of major Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu is casting attention beyond Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, which earlier this week made the decision to return all of the $850,000 Hsu raised this year, even as he was a fugitive from a 15-year-old criminal case in California. At least two of Clinton’s rivals have also been dealing with questions about their fundraising but have stopped short of Clinton’s dramatic remedy so far. Shortly before Hsu’s controversial efforts came to light last month, trial lawyer Geoffrey Feiger, one of the big bundlers for John Edwards’ past presidential campaign, was indicted on federal charges he conspired to route more than $125,000 in illegal contributions to Edwards’ 2004 bid .”

And Paul Kiel of TPM Muckraker observes: “The going suspicion in Washington has always been that politicians are not prone to ask too many questions of contributors as long as the checks keep coming. But never has a contributor’s hidden past blown up in a campaign’s face quite like it has for the Clinton campaign in the case of Norman Hsu. . . . Despite all the scrutiny of Hsu, a number of mysteries remain, the main one being what Hsu was after, another being where all this money came from. Hsu managed to raise the staggering sum of $850,000 in just the last eight months for Clinton from some 260 contributors, and that’s not counting the money he’s delivered for a long list of other Democrats since 2004.”

So are there more guys like him out there, or was he flying Hsulo?