AN OBSCURE MUSCLE CAR: “When people reminisce about classic General Motors muscle cars, the Buick GS455 isn’t often the first car to come to mind. . . . Torquey and smooth, with aggressive but restrained lines (a restraint that quickly vanished with the GSX appearance package), the GS455 is one of the great overlooked hero cars from the late 1960s.” IowaHawk probably has three.

UPDATE: IowaHawk himself emails:

Funny you should mention that… I’ve never had a Stage I (let alone three) but do have another 60s Buick of similar brute force and Rat-Packy elegance: 1966 Riviera, 425 ci Nailhead (360 hp, 465 ft-lbs torque). It’s currently for sale, so someone else will be slapping Gaia around with it soon.

Check out that classic interior.