MATTHEW HOY HAS COMPILED A LIST of members of Congress who have gotten money from, and suggests calling them to ask what they think about the “Betray-us” ad. “I encourage you look them up and ask them what they think about the ad and what they’re going to do about the money they’ve received. Might I suggest that returning the funds to MoveOn would be an unsatisfactory response; the money would be better spent on something like the Wounded Warrior Project.”

Meanwhile, General Petraeus has responded. Video here. Plus, a look at the new McCarthyism. “Today General Petraeus testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Its Democratic Members include Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer and Jim Webb. This would be the appropriate setting to apologize to General Petraeus for the ad. Or let it stand.”

UPDATE: Further thoughts from TigerHawk: “MoveOn uses language that subverts the Army as an institution for purposes that go beyond the next vote in Congress. It not only wants us to think General Petraeus is lying today, but that any soldier who argues that Iraq is anything other than a defeat is lying. Not disagreeing, but lying. There was a time when even the Democrats understood how terrible it was to subvert the Army as an institution.”