STEPHEN GREEN is live-blogging the New Hampshire debate. So is Ed Morrissey’s crowd. Also Lance Dutson and Jason Clarke, who are there.

UPDATE: Okay, I’m not liveblogging, but all this piling-on toward Fred Thompson is as likely to build him up as to tear him down. Stephen Green comments: “First question: Is Fred Thompson smarter than you guys? Answer: If he’s having a postshow cocktail in Leno’s greenroom, he is.” Similar thoughts here: “They’re spending a tenth of the debate, debating Fred Thompson. Who says that Fred can’t dominate a debate which he doesn’t attend?”

TigerHawk is blogging, too.

MORE: Okay, I think Ron Paul’s bit on homeland security after 9/11 was dead-on.

But later when he talked about how the American people didn’t go to war, just a small cabal of neoconservatives, he sounded like, well, a kook. What about that Iraq war resolution in Congress?

STILL MORE: Just noticed that Ann Althouse is blogging too.

FINALLY: It was more of a debate than these have been. Fox’s focus group seems to think McCain did best. One interviewee: “He made me feel safe.” Another: “He has experience and it came though in his answers.” Big complaint about Rudy — every answer he gave revolved around New York.

And here’s video of the Huckabee-vs.-Paul spat.

Dan Riehl was watching the people meters and observes: “Putting the candidates aside for a moment, what I saw was that when the message was win in Iraq, it didn’t matter which candidate was saying it – the numbers for both conservatives and moderates went through the roof. And the stronger the talk, the higher the mean number. The only other issues that came close were immigration and taxes.”

And expect more video highlights at Hot Air. Allah just emailed to say that they’re on the way.