MOTOR TREND’S ARTHUR ST. ANTOINE looks at politicians’ “nauseating hypocrisy” on SUVs:

This is not a politically biased rant; today’s nauseating two-facedness crosses party lines (i.e., our own Republican governor Mr. Schwarzenegger, who touts the environmental wonders of a “hydrogen highway” while his leased private jet etches thick carbon trails up and down the California coast). It’s much more of an “us versus them” confrontation, “us” being any rich politico looking to protect his or her unfettered access to privilege and luxury, “them” being the suckers (you and me) being asked to sacrifice for the good of our noble caretakers . . . . After all, it’s a pretty long walk from the bullet-proof Suburban to the GIV. And I hate to sweat.

Ouch. But read the whole thing.