mktbradjon.jpgMY BIRTHDAY’S TODAY, but I spent the weekend celebrating since today’s a busy day at work. One of the best parts was hanging out last night with both of my brothers. We met at the Brewery and then went over to Market Square. You can see the two of them here, in typical pose. That’s Brad — the rock & roll brother — on the left, and Jonathan — the blues / history professor brother — on the right. It was fun. I wish we got to hang out more often.

Brad was saying that I haven’t been posting enough photos on the blog lately. As usual, he’s right. So here are some more.

Even though it was a Sunday night, Market square was full of people hanging out. I was surprised, as I don’t generally get down there on Sunday evenings.


And while there was no midnight basketball, there was midnight whiffleball. People seemed surprisingly serious about it.