August 24, 2007

THEY CALL IT A M.U.L.E., but it sounds more like the grandpappy of one of Keith Laumer’s Bolos:

Lockheed Martin’s MULE (Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment) has autonomously clambered over a 5-ft.-high obstacle. The Humvee-size vehicle uses six independently powered wheels and an articulated suspension to navigate rubble-strewn terrain or, as in a recent promo video (see below), to climb buglike over a car hood. Three types of MULEs are planned, all intended to dutifully follow dismounted infantry units. A heavily armed 2.5-ton version could be deployed by the Army by 2013.

Video at the link. I can’t help but feel, though, that we need a different Laumer character more than we need bolos at the moment . . . .

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