A READER EMAILS: “I’m curious why you didn’t mention the NYT Op-Ed written by seven American foot soldiers (not officers, mind you) about their recent experiences in and perspective on Iraq. I realize you don’t like to link to stories that are ‘widely covered’ but this seems to have gone largely under the radar. Is it because their views don’t conform to yours or the majority of your readers? Why not link to it anyway and at least provoke a debate?”

I pointed out that I actually had linked it, and he was kind enough to reply: “A huge (and sheepish) apology. I searched the main page and didn’t check the archives.”

I’m mostly amused that something that appears on the New York Times oped page is “under the radar” when it’s not mentioned on InstaPundit. Has TimesSelect done that much damage to the NYT’s influence?

Probably not. But if one reader could miss it, others might, and there has in fact been some debate, though more from milbloggers with Iraq experience — who have more to say — than elsewhere. Blackfive had a post, and here’s one from Greyhawk. And Fred Kaplan wrote about it, and echoes some of my concerns at the end of his piece. Plus, here’s a guest post at Altercation, focusing in part on whether they should have written the piece. And Kaplan has a piece coming out later this week — in Times Select, meaning that it probably will be under the radar — on tension between junior and senior officers.

UPDATE: Hmm. I kind of doubt this explanation. But who knows?