BIZZYBLOG SAYS THE NEW YORK TIMES gets it wrong on personal income data.

UPDATE: From John Wixted, an I told you so: “In an earlier post, I confidently predicted that misleading income statistics would soon be coming your way. The New York Times delivers the goods.” Lots of useful charts. Read the whole thing, especially if you’re David Cay Johnston. Or his editor. Or a New York Times shareholder . . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: The Times has changed the headline, and Johnston has responded in the comments at bizzyblog.

MORE: Tom Maguire comes to Johnston’s defense on the question of agenda-driven journalism, though he has other complaints.

MORE STILL: Johnston responds in Tom Maguire’s comments, too. Bravo to him for engaging his critics.

STILL MORE: He’s also in Wixted’s comments. Bravo again!