THE G.O.P. SHOULD ENCOURAGE HIM TO RETIRE: “A Justice Department corruption task force is investigating whether Alaska Congressman Don Young took campaign cash in return for securing $10 million for construction of a proposed Florida highway ramp that would give a windfall to a local real estate developer, a source familiar with the inquiry said Friday. The controversial funding, which was to pay for a study of the potential highway interchange abutting environmentally sensitive land, was slipped into a massive 2005 Transportation Department bill, congressional aides say.” But there’s something missing from this story, and Don Surber will be surprised.

UPDATE: Reader Phil Johnts emails:

I’m assuming, when you’re talking about Surber being surprised, that you’re talking about Young’s affiliation missing. Actually, it’s there. It just doesn’t come out and say “Republican”.

“At least $2.5 billion of that money went toward projects in the districts of four top GOP lawmakers at the time, including Young.”

It mentions that Young is, indeed, a GOP lawmaker.

I guess I missed that, unless it was added afterward. It’s inconspicuous enough, though, that I might have.