DEAN UPDATE: A HURRICANE WATCH in the Cayman Islands. But Dean is still heading straight for Jamaica.

UPDATE: More here: “According to the 8:00 PM EDT intermediate advisory, the aircraft reconaissance flight currently in Hurricane Dean just reported a minimum central pressure of 920 millibars — down 10 mb from the last reading. Dean is strengthening again.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: The island of Little Cayman is being evacuated, with inhabitants sheltering on Cayman Brac. Caves in the bluff (“the brac”) are the traditional place to ride out a hurricane.

MORE: A prayer for Jamaica.

MORE STILL: The Caymans have upgraded to a hurricane warning. Plus, extra flights leaving Grand Cayman. Also, where to secure your car. You can see why that matters here. And a roundup of Cayman press notices here.

And good news for us — but not for Mexico — Dean likely to miss United States.