BAD SUICIDE BOMBING IN IRAQ, targeting the Yazidis. That last is kind of interesting, as it doesn’t fit into the general political picture. Alas, this kind of thing will continue for a while no matter what — it’s just too easy to make bombs, and too hard to root out the people who do it, and once started it tends to feed on itself.

UPDATE: Michael Yon, who’s currently vacationing in Bali, posts some thoughts. And he emails: “The people here in Bali, Indonesia are very warm and friendly. The island is stunningly beautiful. Bali even gives Hawaii a run for its money on beauty, and that is saying a lot. Americans are very welcome here, but the terrorists are not. I ate in a restaurant last night because I saw a waiter wearing a shirt that said Fxxx Terrorists. Not a class act, but still I voted with my feet and had dinner there.”