MICHAEL YON emails this link and adds: “When I wrote in 2006 that I would not be surprised to see a base overrun in Afghanistan in 2007, some people called me a traitor. . . . We are winning in Iraq. Make no mistake about that. But we are losing in Afghanistan.”

Don’t know if that’s right, though I tend to trust Yon’s judgment– here’s the latest roundup on Afghanistan from StrategyPage — but it’s clear that it needs more attention and that it’s not getting enough. I also think that the drug warriors have been undermining the real war there.

UPDATE: Reader C.J. Burch emails: “BTW drug warriors have done an awful lot to wreck economies, promote lawlessness, engender corruption and create illicit economies all over the third world, thus making people of color both miserable and dead. When do they get all the credit they deserve for that?”

To be fair, they’ve done plenty of harm here at home, too.

MORE: Clandestine weapons to Iraq? Probably actually destined for Iranian revolutionaries who will rise up in the spring. . . .

STILL MORE: John Wixted rounds up reports and comments: “I would be reluctant to disagree with Yon’s analyses of Iraq (even if they did not correspond to my own analyses, which they do), but I don’t think that his account of Afghanistan is correct. The Taliban are rising, but they are simply being eradicated on a regular basis.” I hope that analysis is correct.