While Townsend’s means of asking his question probably shocked your average Democrat, Biden’s response that this guy was crazy and looking at him like he had cooties probably damaged Biden (and Democrats) with gun owners. And they had been making waves lately with shedding their gun banning image. But this ain’t a post about that, it’s a post about this:

Why did CNN choose that video? My understanding was CNN chose the questions to be aired. And do you think there weren’t other people asking about gun control in a much less dramatic way? In a way that might not scare your average liberal? And this is the video they showed?

Well, can’t read too much into it since the also let a snowman ask about global warming.

Brr. Meanwhile, Dave Weigel declares victory. “It’s not the O’Reilly Factor getting Ward Churchill fired, but I’ll take it.” And from The Economist,“That’s Mr Biden’s political career in a nutshell. Always (at least) one sentence too many.”