CIVILIAN SUBMARINES: Making the military unhappy:

Over the last decade, luxury boat builders have begun building submarine yachts. Submarine construction technology has come a long way in the past century, and it’s possible to build these boats at an affordable ($15-200 million) cost. They are safe, and there are about a hundred of them out there. . . .

If you get close to one of these yachts, it becomes obvious that they are built to dive. Military subs are still not used to encountering this civilian traffic underwater. The military boats have the right of way, but military boats are now warned to exercise extra care when approaching coastal areas used by civilian subs.


UPDATE: They’re entertaining to dolphins!

One of the world’s top designers of luxury subs, US Submarines president Bruce Jones, told Bloomberg that dolphins were a problem for the amorous owners of his multi-million dollar vessels.

“Dolphins are easily excited when they sense people making love. They get jealous and bang their noses against the window,” Mr Jones said.

The best solution was to block the dolphins out with a set of curtains, he said.