Baker-Hamilton is making an unfortunate comeback.

Unfortunate because while Sandra Day O’Conner is a distinguished jurist I am not sure of her qualifications to guide counter-insurgency tactics.

It is unfortunate that a group of old, er, elder states people will be granted expert status on a war they have barely witnessed in person and issue a several hundred page document.

But J.D. plans to help:

The Johannes report will take you down into Baghdad’s mahalas and Anbar’s villages in brilliant High Definition DVD where you will see and hear first hand accounts from tribesmen who are fighting Al Qaida, soldiers who are fighting Jaish al Mahdi, Generals, Lt. Colonels, Captains, Sergeants and enlisted men.

Phase one of the Johannes Report–which will surely have a fancier title involving concertina wire–will be out in August. If everything goes well.

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