Another interesting undercurrent to this is the contempt of the left-wing bloggers for the Politico, and the Drudge Report, which often links to the site. The story was “based on unsubstantiated, third-party recollection,” says Geiger, under the headline “The Politico Fails Journalism 101.” “Politico, the online soul-mate to the Drudge Report, has gotten into the habit of creating news stories through innuendo, omission, outright error, and now today, out of thin air,” was the line from Kos blogger BarbinMD (is that a professional opinion, doctor?). And the grand wizard of Politico haters once complained that Drudge and the Politico are “poisonously joined at the hip.”

Well, for all that griping, it seems the Politico nailed this story, and Drudge just did what he always does–amplify it. Dr. Barbin still contends this is a non-story–though, apparently factually accurate despite protestations to the contrary–because it was just “a throw away line…that Harry Reid said to the unable-to-be-reconfirmed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s face.” And Geiger puts off the outrageous statement Reid claims to have made to the senator’s “tendency to speak like the straight-talking, former boxer that he is.” If it’s all true, then Reid’s a brave man, but a jerk nonetheless. The other possibility, of course, is that he’s full of it and never said any such thing to Pace–in which case, he’s still a jerk, but not so stupid as to question the integrity of this nation’s highest ranking officer to his face.

The lefty bloggers, for their part, have shown themselves to be totally inept. They failed to report the comments, then they denied Reid ever made them while making their own unsubstantiated allegations, and now they defend the comments as irrelevant–and without even the slightest doubt as to their validity. Which is worse?

Does it matter? And heck, the White House press corps wasn’t much better.

Anyway, some people are savoring the madness. And Bill Ardolino has more on the merits of Reid’s statements — or rather, the lack thereof. Dave Price, too.