June 6, 2007


Kopel told me that he thinks conservatives should keep the conservative media honest.

But charged with being deceptive, O’Reilly exploded, falsely accusing Kopel of being a “secular progressive.” Not only that, but O’Reilly told Kopel to shut up and quit filibustering.

O’Reilly’s modus operandi on this particular program seemed to be, “Don’t talk while I’m interrupting.” He looked completely ridiculous. . . .

All of this followed O’Reilly’s claim that if Kopel were not a secular progressive, then he, O’Reilly, was Donald Duck. . . .

It was to O’Reilly’s credit that he had Kopel on his show, and he thanked Kopel at the end of the interview, after insulting him. However, there was absolutely no excuse for O’Reilly to have behaved this badly on the air. It was an embarrassing moment for O’Reilly and the Fox News Channel.

Donald Duck is a frequently-blustering type with an excessively high opinion of himself. . . .

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