The times I have been around injured Marines I pitched in to help. I ran to get the stretcher. The only photos I have taken of an injured person were of a Soldier treating an Iraqi man for shrapnel wounds. You see the soldier doing his job, but not the face of the Iraqi man.

If I were to be wounded while embeded with Soldiers, Seabees or Marines they would provide medical attention and likely risk their lives to protect me and save my life.

I feel I should reciprocate because these young men and a few women I roll with outside the wire would not stand around snapping photos of me while I bled out–they would do what they do best. Save Lives. . . . Perhaps I do not have what it takes to be a big-time big-media reporter.

I agree with him on journalistic detachment. Wasn’t it CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta who got criticized by the usual journalistic chin-pullers for treating some wounded Iraqis instead of maintaining his reportorial distance?

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