NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Michael Yon sends another email:

Was going on a mission today but it was canceled, so am on base writing. I was just in the dining facility here on Camp Hit. It’s a simple affair. This Saturday’s lunch was hotdogs and hamburgers. Paper plates. The tables are wooden and rickety. For some, it’s very spartan. For others it’s cush. One of the Soldiers (Army) came at sat at the same table. The Soldier was not in the best mood, and one of his buddies, a Marine, asked how he was doing. The soldier came back with some grumpy talk, “All I can get’s hamburger and hotdogs.”

Marine answered, “Sorry I asked.” Marine seemed a little put off.
Soldier continued, “When I get home, I ain’t taken’ nothin’ for granted.” I chuckled and the Marine smiled slightly while the Soldier continued, “Gonna get home an’ get me a bacon lettuce and cheese, hamburger. A cheeseburger.” (The cheese had run out, and so had the mustard.)
Marine answered, “Burger King?”
Soldier said, “Yep, when I get home, ain’t taken nothin’ for granted.”
“Amen, I smiled, and the Soldier smiled a little bit and the grumpiness retreated a bit.
The Soldier continued, “When I get home, taken’ nothin’ for granted, and I’m gonna get on that field and get on my knees and kiss the ground where that 3rd ID patch is.”

There’s no place like home.

Much progress out here in Anbar, and I haven’t seen any combat since I got here some weeks back. Will be back in the thick of things soon, though. Back in the shooting war.

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