ANOTHER POSITIVE REVIEW for Evan Coyne Maloney’s documentary Indoctrinate U., from Linda Seebach in the Rocky Mountain News. Excerpt:

There’s a lovely Roger and Me scene in the film where Maloney is trying to interview a college president about incidents on his campus. (Maloney says Michael Moore inspired and encouraged him to start making documentaries.) He’s talking with a nervous administrator who can’t come up with any explanation about why the president’s office won’t return Maloney’s phone calls asking for an appointment, and keeps sidling away. Meanwhile an equally nervous secretary has called the cops.

While still looking for a distributor, the filmmakers are running a little viral marketing campaign. Visit the Web site, tell them where you’re from, and say you’d like to see the film. They promise to arrange local screenings whenever at least 500 people in an area have signed up. Why not Denver?

Read the whole thing. And if you like, visit the webpage and sign up.