EARLIER, I MENTIONED THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS, and the Mad Scientists’ Club books, leading some people to wonder how to encourage boys (and girls) to get more interested in hands-on electronics stuff. I’m not sure, but when I was a kid I had a lot of fun with the Radio Shack version of this 200-in-1 electronic project kit, and I actually did learn a fair amount while building some cool stuff. And I would have loved something like this. And this looks kind of cool, too.

UPDATE: Reader Brent Sperling emails:

I too had a Radio Shack 200-in-1 kit, and I definitely agree with you that it would be a great way to get kids interested in electronics.

I’d add, however, that today’s kids (especially teens) would greatly benefit from a subscription to Make magazine (http://www.makezine.com/). It’s nerdy, cool, and inspirational. I only wish I had had something like that.

Good point, for somewhat older kids.