ADVICE TO FASHION DESIGNERS, from Rachel Lucas: “I don’t need every single shirt I own to look like maternity wear.”

UPDATE: Reader Madhu Dahiya emails:

So now Instapundit is breaking out into fashion-blogging? Well, yeah!

Totally trivial comment to Rachel Lucas’ observation, but, I prefer the new Empire waistline (translation: maternity wear) shirts to the old Britney-fied cropped t-shirts and low-rise jeans/track suit bottoms/shorts/skirts. Mostly, because, there are some body areas on some women (and men!) that look better with a little cover, and we, the public, are spared the sight of those whose good body image and self-esteem, while healthy, could be improved by a little dollop of ‘if it doesn’t suit you, don’t wear it.’ Oh, and that goes for the new dresses and tops which are all roomy up top. There are clever alternatives out there, in fact, most of the students I see walking around Boston look much, much better than they did a few years ago. Clothing-wise, I mean. I much prefer the new fashions…..

I suspect that Britney would look better in them nowadays, anyway.