THE KOSSACKS HAVE GOT A LONG WAY TO GO if they’re going to beat InstaPundit readers in the One Billion Bulbs competition:

One Billion Bulbs Some Daily Kossaks Bulbs Change Statistics

One Billion Bulbs Instapundit Bulbs Change Statistics

Their banner may be bigger but their score’s much, much smaller. What, does nobody read the DailyKos anymore? Or do Kos readers just care less about the environment than InstaPundit readers?

Yeah, Kos readers: This fluorescent-bulb trash-talk is aimed at you!

UPDATE: Several readers wonder if there’s anything geekier than enviro-trash-talk about compact fluorescent bulbs.

Well, not much, probably. But what’s your point?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Anything geekier? Lissa Kay emails: “Umm … how about going on a date and quoting Firefly and Serenity to each other? Heh … guess ya had to be there, but not really … um, nevermind.”