SO MY MEMORIAL DAY ACTIVITY WAS GIVING BLOOD: I missed the blood drive at the law school this spring, and I try to give twice a year, given that under the new, stricter rules I’m one of the relatively few people who can give blood these days. They had the blood drive set up at the mall, so I donated while the Insta-Wife and Insta-Daughter shopped for swimsuits. (They scored big at Guess.) As I’ve noted before, the questionnaire gets longer and longer, but the Medic folks did a pretty good job of moving me through quickly. Unlike some of my experiences donating at the University, the crowd here was more than half male. Then again, the sex-ratio has evened out the last couple of times I’ve donated at school, too.

If you’re eligible, consider donating — I’m not really kidding about the shortage of donors these days.

UPDATE: Amusing caption: “Already I feel the power of the nanobots coursing through my veins! Soon I will be fit to sire a race of immortal robot lawyers.” But one that comes years after the fact. . . .