“OBSCENE AMENITIES:” Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Last night while hanging out in the bar with Rand Simberg and Dale Amon (of Samizdata), I saw some British soldiers at the other end. I had the waitress send them a round of drinks. She wasn’t supposed to tell them who did it, but apparently those guys are good at extracting information and their CO came over to say thanks. He said that it meant a lot to his men: they don’t get a lot of support from the public in Britain and that they like it when they’re in the U.S. for training, etc., because the American public is more supportive. I thought that was kind of sad, actually, but I was glad to do something for them. When I’m out and see military folks I often try to pick up their tab anonymously; this is the first time someone’s blabbed. I encourage InstaPundit readers to do the same if the mood strikes you. I think it’s appreciated, and not just because of the free food or drink.

UPDATE: AMillionThanks.org organizes thank-you cards and letters to the troops.