GALLUP POLL OUT. Rudy and Hillary still in the lead. Ron Paul comes in at zero — yes, zero — suggesting that online activism isn’t enough to get his campaign going. I’m not sure what zero means, as an asterisk is “less than one half of one percent.” I suppose it means that no one in this sample surveyed by Gallup supported him. Mike Gravel also has a zero.

UPDATE: More thoughts from Ryan Sager: “While the Giuliani camp would surely like to return to the days of a 20-point lead, that was always an exaggerated number. But the belief in some quarters that Mr. Giuliani has tanked is equally, if not more, unrealistic. The former New York City mayor has proven quite resilient despite an onslaught of bad press in February, March, and April.”

I see some combination of Giuliani and Thompson as the GOP’s best hope.