May 21, 2007

WIDENING THE FIELD: “Why doesn’t Carter put his money where his mouth is and seek the Democratic presidential nomination? After all, he’s only a few years older than Mike Gravel, and he may be the only guy who can beat Hillary Clinton. He’s been against the Iraq war since at least 1991, when Barack Obama was in diapers and Al Gore was a neocon war monger.”

Shouldn’t test the waters without a poll, though. So here goes:

Should Jimmy Carter run for President in 2008?
No free polls

And, for more information:

Would you vote for Jimmy Carter if he ran for President in 2008?
No free polls

UPDATE: Okay, with around 2,500 votes, there’s a very large majority in favor of Jimmy Carter running, and an absolutely crushing majority in favor of not voting for him if he does. I can only conclude that the vast majority of InstaPundit readers either enjoy watching train wrecks, or feel that Jimmy Carter hasn’t been humiliated enough. Or, possibly, both.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader suggests I should drill down further. Good idea!

Which best describes your feelings?
I enjoy a good train wreck.
I want to see Jimmy Carter humiliated further.
Both! free polls
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