May 10, 2007

REPUBLICAN MODERATES getting restive on the war. I think this is shortsighted and wrong and likely to hurt the country. On the other hand, for the Bush Administration it’s a reality. I’ve mentioned the three-year-rule before, but we’re now past the four-year mark (five if you count Afghanistan). If Bush were a great communicator, he’d be able to help himself some, but I doubt Reagan could have held things together a whole lot better. The White House and Pentagon need to be figuring out how to deal with this, and what constructive fallback positions they can prepare.

UPDATE: On the other hand, John Aravosis is unhappy to hear that conservative Democrats will support the President. His take: “It’s time to replace some conservative Democrats in Washington, DC.” Hey, electing guys like that is how you took back the Congress. . . . .

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