NEWSTRUST UPDATE: Got this email from the folks at NewsTrust:

Thanks so much for spreading the word about NewsTrust, which is much, much appreciated!

Our traffic quadrupled on Saturday, with over 2,000 visitors coming directly from InstaPundit. Of these, about 500 signed up as NewsTrust members, about 250 completed their email registration, and 64 had reviewed on our site as of midnight.

We’re already seeing some changes in our story listings, with publications like InstaPundit, Captain’s Quarters, Gateway Pundit and NewsBusters now showing up regularly in our top 10 lists. This is exactly what we were looking for, to counter-balance the leftward tilt on our site.

More importantly, the response so far has been generally positive, as you can tell from the InstaPundit reader comments below. Your readers are participating well in the review process, and seem to be responding favorably to our welcome message below, which prompts them to review information quality, not just ideological viewpoints.

I’m also pleased to note that your recommended story from Knoxviews on compact fluorescent bulbs is now #1 on our this week’s top-rated independent stories – a clear sign that there are things people can agree on across party lines – and a helpful discovery for me personally.

If you’re interested in participating, there’s a signup sheet for InstaPundit readers right here.