JONAH GOLDBERG DEFENDS ME against the serious charge of linking to things without commentary.

Yeah, the link itself is clearly an endorsement. Like my comment-free linkage to John Edwards’ poverty plan. Or my bare link to Bill Richardson’s plan for Iraq. Obviously, I support both, and just don’t want the blame associated with admitting it! Which, I admit, might be substantial. . . . [What about your bare link to McCain’s “League of Democracies” proposal? — ed. I’m not sure what I think of that. Hence, a bare link. I could have said “I’m not sure what I think of this,” I guess, but that would have wasted pixels and added to global warming.]

I link stuff because I think it’s linkworthy, not necessarily because I agree with it. And, for that matter, plenty of people send me stuff that I agree with that I don’t ever link, because it doesn’t fit for whatever reason. It’s like DJ-ing — you put in what feels like it goes next in the mix.

Anyway, I understand that some people don’t like that style of blogging. I encourage them to visit one of the 71 million other blogs out there, instead of InstaPundit. Or, if you insist on staying around, I’ll quote the late Rob Smith: “If my blog does not meet your standards, then LOWER YOUR STANDARDS. Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?”

Nah, I can’t be that curmudgeonly yet. How about this: If you’re not happy, your subscription is absolutely free!

UPDATE: Reader John Davies writes: “I’ve been a reader for years and got it right away. An Instapundit
link means pay attention to this. I keep coming back because what you think is important is 90% what I think is important.”

Those who find otherwise are encouraged to find a blog that suits them better.