Jet-setting Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton is a fussy frequent flier who used three different planes in a single day during a recent campaign swing through South Carolina.

The former first lady even grounded one aircraft – a chartered Gulfstream II – in Columbia, S.C., last Friday, demanding a swankier Gulfstream III replacement for a flight out west.

“She didn’t like the configuration of the cabin,” an aviation source familiar with Clinton’s travel told The Post. . . .Clinton, who has warned against global warming from the stump and hyped the need for alternative energy such as ethanol, burned through thousands of gallons of jet fuel swooping along the campaign trail – and it’s not clear why she sent an empty plane to wait for her in South Carolina then flew a different jet from Washington the next day.

How about flying commercial?

UPDATE: Found this story via the Hillary website: “She said she has introduced a bill that requires federal buildings to save energy and her campaign has even pledged to go carbon-neutral _ using energy efficient light bulbs and recycled paper in an effort to cut down on pollution. ‘Please use this as a voting issue,” she told the college students, who made up much of the crowd.”

Er, be careful what you ask for. . . .