David Broder said he wouldn’t change anything in his April 26 column, which angered many readers and caused 50 members of the Senate Democratic Caucus to write a letter criticizing Broder in Friday’s Washington Post.

In that Thursday piece, Broder criticized Harry Reid for saying the Iraq War is lost militarily, compared Reid to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and concluded: “The Democrats deserve better, and the country needs more, than Harry Reid has offered as Senate majority leader.”

“I still think the Democrats can do better, and should do better,” said Broder, when reached today by E&P. . . . Broder, who’s syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group, isn’t sure if he’ll use a future column to address the reaction his April 26 piece stirred up. Rather than looking back, he said, “I try to keep dealing with new topics.”

Like Harry Reid’s land deals?

UPDATE: Reader James Somers emails: ‘If, in 2005, 50 Republican senators had written a letter to the New York Times excoriating Paul Krugman for criticizing Bill Frist, and conservative blogs had incited their readers to bombard the Times with angry e-mails complaining about Krugman, wouldn’t this have just been one more example of the RethugliKKKans’ crushing of dissent?”

Well, yeah.