TODAY’S FRED THOMPSON RALLY IN COOKEVILLE: I thought about going, but we’ve been a bit under the weather. But reader Jim Brown emails this YouTube video: “It was filmed and edited by my fifteen year old Grandson, Matthew Matheson. I was late in picking him up so he missed the first part of the rally. He makes and designs web sites and has all the latest technology and software to work with. He is young, but very good. Who knows? He might start making political commercials for the candidates.”

I think he already has.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl doubts the Thompson campaign would approve. Er, well, if there were a Thompson campaign, anyway . . . .

He’s probably right. But in YouTube politics, that’s not the point, is it? You’re going to get campaign videos by 15-year-olds about what they think is important, not about what the campaign thinks is important. And anyone who wants to go anywhere will have to learn to live with that, and work with it. It’s all part of the growth of free agent media.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Matt Matheson asked me to embed a newer edit that he likes better, so I did. But for archival purposes, the original can be found here.