LIVEBLOGGING THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES’ DEBATE: I’d say that Mike Gravel improved his situation the most: “Gravel… that’s news to me. I didn’t even know he was still alive!”

Still alive! Getting that news out is an essential first step in a campaign.

UPDATE: Hey, Gravel-mania threatens to explode: “Where did this guy come from? . . . I suspect he is going to gain a LOT of attention and some popularity.” It’s a trend!

ANOTHER UPDATE: This rapid rise has already produced a wave of Gravel-Bashing: “I still don’t like Gravel. I think he’s crazy.”

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win.” One debate and he’s already to stage three! Watch for people to start poaching his campaign staff.

MORE: A sure sign of momentum in a campaign — pundits are starting to suck up to the candidate: “Gravel was direct and tough on the other candidates during the debate. He also certainly provided the funniest moments of the debate. We have not given him enough attention and for this we apologize. Here is a link to his campaign website.”

STILL MORE: Matt Stoller hearts Mike Gravel. It’s Mikementum, baby!

Dave Weigel, not so much. He thinks Obama won, even though he had the biggest gaffe.

MORE STILL: I’m surprised that TigerHawk is swimming against the tide: “Gravel is a loon, by the way. He makes Kucinich look sober as a judge.”

I dunno. You gotta love this line of Gravel’s: “I’m embarrassed about this Congress.”

Hey, me too. Even more than the last one, and that’s saying something.

Best comment yet: “President Gravel? Only on an episode of The Flintstones.

Though judging by tonight, that may be speaking too soon!

The Hotline blog: “Still unknown: What constitutes success in Iraq for Edwards, Obama and Clinton.”

I think the honest answer would be would be “my election in 2008.”

And here’s a roundup at The Moderate Voice.