April 25, 2007

OF GULFSTREAMS AND GREENHOUSES: More global-warming hypocrisy.

Plus the Prius as energy-hog beard:

The problem for most people who buy a Prius is that they have to drive it, putt-putt-putting around the city. What makes Prius so popular with the Beautiful People is that it’s just a statement. They talk Prius, and they drive Lexus.

Think about it. How many times have you ever seen a Beautiful Person on TV or in the gossip columns getting out of a Prius, as opposed to how many times you’ve read about these phonies bragging that they own one? . . .

What a Beautiful Person really needs when he buys a Prius is a second parking space at the office. Leave the Prius in the most prominent slot, and then, around the corner, park the SUV you – or your driver – really uses. . . . Another option: Solar panels on the vacation home. But the downside is that once you cop to owning a second place, the hoi polloi start asking, just how many square feet in this place?

Of course, the Lexus could be a hybrid . . . .

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