AT THE RISK OF BEING TARRED FOR TREASON LIKE HARRY REID, I’m going to declare that the war against toilet paper is already lost.

But unlike Reid and the other 76 Senators, I never voted for this one!

UPDATE: A reader suggests “smeared” instead of “tarred.” In this context, all I can say is “Eww.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: By the way, Sheryl Crow says the whole toilet-paper thing was tongue in cheek, though Rand Simberg isn’t sure he believes her. But either way, Ed Driscoll is right — we should thank her for injecting some much needed humor into what has otherwise been a bummer of a week.

MORE: The One Sheet to the Wind Tour. The opening act is, well, the only plausible choice . . . .

MORE STILL: Karl Bade emails:

If Sheryl Crow was joking, she was making fun of Laurie David, who is known for using recycled toilet paper. Was she making fun of Laurie David? Word is the two aren’t getting along now.

Hard to imagine, that.

And reader Tom Brosz has the last word:

It says a lot about the “serious” environmental proposals that we all have to think long and hard about whether or not something like Crow’s statement was a joke or not.

A few years back, I would have thought making incandescent light bulbs illegal was a joke, too.

Good point.