utclement.jpgHERE ARE SOME MORE PICTURES FROM CAMPUS: I headed over to the library to check the Freud quote (turns out to be misattributed — see below) and I had my camera with me, so I took a few pictures.

I also got a few shots inside the palatial Starbucks that’s inside the palatial main library. Coffee, pastries, comfy chairs, wi-fi. What more could you want?

Oh, yeah, computers. They even have loaner laptops if you forgot yours. That’s a nice touch, I think.

But while the usual cluster of people was studying in the library — finals are coming — more seemed to be outside enjoying the nice weather, which — thanks to global coldening — we haven’t had enough of this spring. I wish I’d gotten to enjoy it more myself.

UPDATE: John Marcoux emails: “Your new campus pics are great. Were they taken with your new Sony?”

Yes, they were taken with this one. It’s tiny, so it goes everywhere. And it seems to me that the colors are better than on the old camera.